East Bay Long Distance Movers

If you’re looking for a reputable, experienced, and highly affordable long distance moving business, Safe Haul Moving ought to be your top choice.

We have moved hundreds of residential and commercial clients throughout the course of our more than ten years in business.

Our East Bay cities include Concord, Oakland, Berkeley, Fremont, and Walnut Creek. and other Bay Area locations like San Francisco, Danville, and Sacramento.

We assist homeowners moving out of their home or apartment, business owners moving their office, and even aspiring and professional artists who need to relocate their piano with always fair, incredibly inexpensive rates.

Our skilled crews are only a phone call away and can provide you with immediate estimates to move your furniture, appliances, possessions, and just items, whether there are stairs involved or not! The name to keep in mind is Safe Haul.

Everyone is on board to get you adjusted in your new rental or property setup using a ton of moving suggestions about all the aspects of your move.

We provide local (short-distance) moving services, and our long-distance movers will relocate your lot to your new home for a price that would make your neighbors envious!



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Alexia Gomez
Alexia Gomez
Safe haul helped me move last minute. They did an amazing job i will always call them when i need a move. Thank you guys so much !
Justin Samberg
Justin Samberg
Aj was 15 minutes early. His crew is very polite and well dressed. They carefully wrapped my high end tv and even put it on the wall for me. They also hand wrapped all my silverware. THANK YOU!
Brandon Moore
Brandon Moore
Amazing Company. Definitely recommend
Mo shahabzada
Mo shahabzada
Needed to move to a new apartment since I just transferred to a new college. I’ve heard about this company from some friends that said they worked fast and took care of everything neatly. When I spoke to the manager he was very professional and gave a flat rate and after seeing my apartment let me know exactly how long it would take. They got the job done on time and all my things were wrapped and looked great with no scratches and everything labeled.
Yasmine Tayeb
Yasmine Tayeb
** I never leave reviews but if I had to leave one it would be for Safe Haul. It was only luck that I came across this company, typically I move around every year or so due to my job requirements and it can be quite a challenge to find a safe and reliable company. I’ve had so much experience with plenty but I was recommended Safe Haul by a friend in the city, literally they saved me so much time they were able to move all five bedrooms furniture in just two days. I was intrigued by the effort they put into their job. Not lazy at all. If you’re looking for a team that is genuine and efficient I swear look no further.
Lupita Flores
Lupita Flores
Great costumer service help me move from south San Francisco to Vallejo on time they were so kind ! Very professional I would recommend to book with safe haul ! Thank you so much for the move you guys were great !
Mia Miller
Mia Miller
Safe Haul went above and beyond my expectations. My first movers quit on me and wasted 3 days before they confirmed they weren't coming back. Naweed offered an especially great rate and was able to move my stuff to storage and my new place with only 3 days notice. Since it was such short notice his regular trucks were being used so he went out of his way to rent a u-haul to make sure my move went smoothly. Besides himself, Naweed had three other guys helping, only one spoke some english so there was a slight language barrier but we got through it. They were all very polite and considerate. I would definitely hire them again!

East Bay Long Distance Movers: Get the Best Moving Services for Your Next Move - Safe Haul!

If you’re planning your next move, you’re likely looking for the best moving services to make the process easy and smooth. And, if the location of your move is in the East Bay, you’re lucky you’ve stumbled upon this page! We’re discussing East Bay long distance movers and why you should reach out to them for your next move. So, whether you’re packing up to head across Yourtown, Yourstate, to the other side of the country–or even overseas, explore the benefits of getting the right professional mover to help you out. From peace of mind, to arriving on-time and all of the expensive stuff arriving intact, you won’t be disappointed by the benefits of working with a professional. Let’s dive in!

Quick Recap

You can start your search for reliable long distance movers in the East Bay by checking online reviews and asking friends and family for recommendations. Once you have narrowed down your options, be sure to thoroughly research each company and get detailed quotes before making your decision.

Local East Bay Movers Options & Experience

When it comes to moving locally in the East Bay, there are multiple options for finding a reliable and experienced mover. Some may opt for the large, prominent moving companies that have offices in the East Bay with decades of experience. These kinds of movers often come with high-end equipment and well-trained workers used to navigating local spaces that can handle moves of any size. On the other hand, some might prefer smaller, locally owned operations because they often offer lower prices than large corporate movers and depending on their track record, may actually be more experienced with local moves.

No matter which route you choose, make sure to research your options carefully and take into consideration factors like customer service experience, quality ratings, extra fees, convenience and any special services available without breaking your budget. However you decide to move forward with a local East Bay mover—whether it is through a big-name agency or a small operation—the most important factor is taking into account how each option meets your specific needs.

Regardless of the mover you select, customer service is key. It’s important to ensure that a company is properly licensed and insured before trusting them with all your belongings during a move. If a company offers reasonable rates and excellent customer service experiences as reported by previous customers that’s always ideal. Professionalism is paramount when making sure your transition goes as smoothly as possible; so it’s important to check reviews online and ask questions if ever unsure of anything before making a decision.

Now that you’ve weighed out your options considering experience, prices & customer service it’s time to look into the quality of service provided by different East Bay movers. From beginning to end—the packing process to delivery time frames—you want to make sure you are selecting the best possible moving services for your next move.

Essential Information

When choosing a mover in the East Bay, research your options carefully and take into consideration factors like customer service experiences, quality ratings, extra fees and convenience. Make sure to select a company that has the necessary licensing and insurance while also providing excellent customer service and reasonable rates. Lastly, make sure you select the best possible moving services based on experience, prices, customer service and quality of service.

Quality and Customer Service Experiences

When it comes to finding quality moving services and customer service experiences in the East Bay, there are reputable local companies like East Bay Long Distance Movers to consider. These experts provide industry-leading assistance with a team of experienced movers that take each assignment seriously.

Finding the right moving company can be a challenge, as not all companies offer similar levels of quality or customer service. On one hand, some customers argue that long-distance movers prioritize profit over quality and do not offer value for money through their services. On the other hand, hiring a reliable long-distance mover is essential for any move, as they understand the intricacies of the process, from cost estimates to packing and unpacking items. This allows them to optimize the entire process, make sure nothing gets left behind and keep your belongings safe.

East Bay Long Distance Movers has the advantage of years of hands-on experience. Their staff is trained in proper packing techniques, able to give accurate estimating services, and understand how to safely move large items such as pianos or furniture across long distances. In addition, their customer service team is available 24/7 and is never more than a phone call away in case you need help with an emergency or unexpected event. Undoubtedly, this makes them a wise choice when it comes to achieving successful moves while maintaining efficiency and comfort.

Ultimately, choosing East Bay Long Distance Movers means trusting an experienced team that emphasizes both quality and customer service to handle your next move in the most efficient way possible. Moving can often be stressful but with their help, you can be sure that both safety and satisfaction are guaranteed throughout the process. Now that we’ve highlighted just a few reasons why you may want to consider local movers instead of long distance movers for your next move, let’s dive into what long distance moving services are available in the East Bay region.

Long Distance Moving Services Available in the East Bay

The East Bay has a variety of long distance moving services available, ranging in quality and experience. While some customers report satisfaction with the moving services they received, others claim to have had dissatisfying experiences. While some will insist on one service over the other, it is ultimately up to individual customers to determine which long distance mover is right for them and their budget.

It is important to do research before engaging any particular service. Check online reviews, ask acquaintances for references, and if possible, tour company warehouses or locations beforehand; this can help customers get a better understanding of how the company operates and if they conduct business in an ethical manner. If any claims of poor customer service are found to be consistent across multiple reviews, it may be wise to look for another mover.

On the other hand, finding a mover that offers quality service and customer care can make for a smoother move. Unlike short-distance moves, covering greater distances requires more than just knowing local roads and traffic patterns; it requires navigating state-to-state regulations, customs fees and paperwork when crossing international borders. Experienced movers in the East Bay will have all the necessary information to quickly and safely transition customers into their new home away from home.

With so many options at hand and myriad of complexities to consider when selecting a long distance mover in the East Bay region, finding the right one that meets both budget requirements as well as expectations is key. Once the right choice is made however, transport logistics become every bit as important—ensuring a stress-free relocation experience that exceeds expectations and ensures each possession arrives safe and sound. The next section will dive into this topic in further detail.

  • According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of a long distance move in California is between $1,335 and $5,567.
  • On average, local moving companies charge around $25/hour per mover plus an additional trip fee.
  • The American Moving & Storage Association suggests that the cost of a long distance move will depend on the size of the move, weight of items being moved, distance traveled, and other services required of the movers.

Transportation and Packing/Unpacking Services

When making an East Bay move, excellent transportation and packing/unpacking services are of the utmost importance. Transporation services should provide reliable pick-up, transport, and drop off times and locations with secure vehicles to protect belongings during transit. Packing/unpacking services should include proper labeling, sorting, secure placement of items in boxes, and fast and efficient unpacking with minimal disruption of pre-existing order. It is also important to consider that the movers take necessary precautions when handling more delicate items like family heirlooms or fragile antiques.

When selecting professional movers for long distance moves, ensuring quality service through transportation and packing/unpacking is essential to minimizing stress associated with a move. A moving company must be able to provide a detailed breakdown of these services prior to entering an agreement with them as well as provide references from previous clients that can attest to their exemplary service. Making sure the company is equipped with the necessary tools such as dollies and blankets for furniture is also important in choosing between different companies. With the right combination of transportation and packing/unpacking services offered by the moving company, customers can be sure that their items make it safely from one location to another without any damage or delay.

In this process, many customers often choose companies based solely on cost rather than satisfaction. This can lead to unseen headaches down the road when complications arise due to inadequate care or unreliable service. In the next section we’ll discuss how carefully weighing price versus satisfaction can help lead customers to hiring the best East Bay Long Distance Movers for their move.

Price vs. Satisfaction

In the last section, we discussed the top-notch transportation and packing/unpacking services offered by East Bay Long Distance Movers. While these services are noteworthy, it’s likely that many of our readers are most interested in the price of such services. After all, moving is a big expense and being able to save on costs is appealing to most people. That said, price should not be the sole deciding factor when selecting a moving company – quality and service satisfaction are equally as important.

It is never advisable to sacrifice one for the other; if a mover’s rates are the lowest, they may not offer the best in customer satisfaction. On the flip side, opting for an expensive mover doesn’t guarantee exceptional customer service. Finding a balance between cost effectiveness and quality of services provided should be your goal when you are searching for long-distance movers. This can be accomplished by carefully researching past customer reviews and ratings of any company you consider working with.

Further, it’s important to note that low-cost movers may try to make up for their lower fees with hidden costs or unexpected fees during or after your move. You especially don’t want to get hit with those surprise charges after everything has been moved out of your old home already! So remember – it’s always better to do your homework ahead of time so you don’t wind up broke midway through your move!

East Bay Long Distance Movers offers excellent customer service at fair prices without any hidden prices so that you’re stress-free when planning your next move. In addition to this, they boast an impressive track record with recent customers who were very satisfied with their experience. As you continue to search for movers in the area, keep East Bay Long Distance Movers at the top of your list, since they offer premium service without compromising on price while staying honest throughout the process.

Now that we’ve examined how pricing and satisfaction play into choosing a mover, let’s look at what other factors should come into consideration when selecting a long-distance moving company – like cost of moving and professionalism.

Cost of Moving and Professionalism

When deciding on the best long distance moving company, price and satisfaction can be major factors. On the one hand, having a great price might mean sacrificing some of the quality of service. On the other, ensuring high satisfaction could mean having to pay extra for premium services. Hot tip: don’t sacrifice quality over price! With East Bay Long Distance Movers, you’ll get a combination of affordability and exceptional service quality.

East Bay Long Distance Movers understand that moving your belongings is a process that requires capital investment, no matter how far you’re going. That’s why they continuously strive to provide reasonable and cost effective services at all times. At the same time, our team of experienced professionals make sure your possessions are taken care of from pickup to delivery with full insurance guarantees: making sure every box arrives in perfect condition.

By combining budget-friendly rates with their comprehensive moving services and qualified personnel – from packing to safe transport – East Bay Long Distance Movers offer customers the total package when it comes to long distance moves.

Whether it’s within California or across state lines, we make sure the entire process is easy and stress-free by offering valuable advice and quality customer support every step of the way. By understanding each customer’s needs and delivering on them, East Bay Long Distance Movers have built an exemplary reputation for superior professionalism in the industry. It pays off to use professional movers who know exactly what they’re doing especially when crossing state borders or country lines.

Moving can be stressful but East Bay Long Distance Movers are here to help you find cost effective solutions tailored to your individual needs while providing a top-notch service that surpasses expectations. Our commitment to local communities and outstanding long distance services will ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible – from beginning to end – wherever in the world you’re headed: reliability and safety guaranteed.

Reliability and Locations

The cost of moving and professionalism are important factors to consider when selecting a long distance moving company. However, reliability and the locations served by the company are just as essential. Customers need to be sure that their belongings will arrive on time, without any unexpected delays or problems. The company should also have several offices in different states, so customers can easily access them for any additional needs or requests.

When it comes to reliability, East Bay Long Distance Movers has an outstanding track record. The company organizes its operation process from packing to delivery carefully and methodically. As such, they minimize any delays while ensuring customer satisfaction. In addition, they extensively train their staff to approach every item with care and precision to avoid any damage or lost items during the move. Moreover, their fleet of vehicles is equipped with cutting-edge security solutions that protect customer’s belongings throughout the journey. This level of attention and commitment to service gives customers peace of mind in knowing their move will go smoothly.

East Bay Long Distance Movers also offers its services across numerous locations nationwide. In addition to providing local moves within California, they can handle cross country moves from coast to coast with ease. By having multiple offices located throughout different states, customers can rest assured that their relocation needs will be taken care of no matter where they live. This kind of proximity ensures customers receive top-notch service that meets their expectations as well as unbeatable convenience.

With reliable services and convenient locations available nationwide, it’s clear why East Bay Long Distance Movers is widely considered one of the best moving companies out there. All these points underline why choosing East Bay Long Distance Movers provides many benefits with minimal risk or inconvenience. With this in mind, we’ll examine now what conclusion can be drawn from all this information in the section to follow.


In conclusion, East Bay Long Distance Movers offers an exceptional service for people looking to move longer distances than their local mover can handle. Not only are they reliable and efficient in time and date of arrival, they also offer a wide range of reasonable and cost-effective prices depending on the particular job which best fits the customer’s needs. With multiple locations available, customers will have confidence knowing East Bay Long Distance Movers is there to work quickly, reliably, professionally and with competitive rates.

East Bay’s reliability has proven itself by providing countless customers with high-quality services. Their locations enable customers to take full advantage of having almost instant access to pick up and delivery services in different cities.

Some may argue that other moving companies offer better services—however, the evidence collected from customer reviews suggest otherwise. The consistently positive customer feedback suggests that East Bay Long Distance Movers is more reliable than their competitors for long distance moves. These reviews praise East Bay’s excellent work ethic, timely deliveries and an overall friendly approach to their business dealings with customers. An example of this can be seen with one customer review: “East Bay Long Distance Movers exceeded my expectations! They were on time, professional and took extra care of all of my belongings”. This statement attests to the fact that the company’s reliability and multiple locations are invaluable to its clients when it comes to long-distance moves.

Overall, East Bay Long Distance Movers remains one of the best options for secure long-distance moves due to their reliability and locations. With their commitment to exceptional customer service, high-end performance standards, and competitive rates—choosing East Bay Long Distance Movers is an easy decision for those needing a quality moving experience at an affordable price.

Common Questions and Responses

Do East Bay long-distance movers offer any discounts or promotions?

Yes, East Bay long-distance movers do offer discounts and promotions. Many companies offer discounts for large moves, senior citizens, military personnel, and other special circumstances. Some even offer seasonal and holiday promotions with additional perks such as free packing materials or moving supplies. Additionally, there may be additional discounts and discounts available if you book your move in advance or use a particular service provider. Be sure to ask the movers ahead of time about any promotional offers they may offer.

How much will it cost to hire a long-distance moving company in the East Bay?

The cost of hiring a long-distance moving company in the East Bay will vary depending on a variety of factors, including the size and weight of your belongings, the distance to be traveled, and any additional services you might request. A reputable mover will typically provide an upfront quote that includes all labor and material costs associated with the move. For full-service moves, the price can range from around $1,200 for a local move of less than 100 miles to over $7,000 for longer distances. Additional services such as packing and unpacking can also increase the overall price. It is always best to get quotes from at least three movers before deciding on one to ensure that you are getting a fair price.

What services do East Bay long-distance movers provide?

East Bay Long Distance Movers provide a variety of services to make sure that your move is as stress-free as possible. These include packing, loading, unloading, and transporting your belongings to your desired destination. They also offer furniture disassembly and re-assembly, appliance disconnection and reconnection, and even storage services. Additionally, experienced movers are trained to handle items with extra care. With East Bay Long Distance Movers, you can have peace of mind that all of your belongings will be handled professionally and arrive safely at their destination.