East Bay Moving Storage Services

Owners of homes or businesses may occasionally need to keep their possessions and/or equipment until the new place is ready.

The moving storage that Safe Haul Moving offers through its partners becomes quite important in such situations.

Safe Haul handles all of your moving-related storage needs at competitive pricing, so there is no need to get in touch with separate storage facilities.

Concord CA, Oakland, Berkeley, Fremont, and Walnut Creek are some of the cities in our East Bay. additionally, cities such as Sacramento, Danville, and San Francisco.

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Alexia Gomez
Alexia Gomez
Safe haul helped me move last minute. They did an amazing job i will always call them when i need a move. Thank you guys so much !
Justin Samberg
Justin Samberg
Aj was 15 minutes early. His crew is very polite and well dressed. They carefully wrapped my high end tv and even put it on the wall for me. They also hand wrapped all my silverware. THANK YOU!
Brandon Moore
Brandon Moore
Amazing Company. Definitely recommend
Mo shahabzada
Mo shahabzada
Needed to move to a new apartment since I just transferred to a new college. I’ve heard about this company from some friends that said they worked fast and took care of everything neatly. When I spoke to the manager he was very professional and gave a flat rate and after seeing my apartment let me know exactly how long it would take. They got the job done on time and all my things were wrapped and looked great with no scratches and everything labeled.
Yasmine Tayeb
Yasmine Tayeb
** I never leave reviews but if I had to leave one it would be for Safe Haul. It was only luck that I came across this company, typically I move around every year or so due to my job requirements and it can be quite a challenge to find a safe and reliable company. I’ve had so much experience with plenty but I was recommended Safe Haul by a friend in the city, literally they saved me so much time they were able to move all five bedrooms furniture in just two days. I was intrigued by the effort they put into their job. Not lazy at all. If you’re looking for a team that is genuine and efficient I swear look no further.
Lupita Flores
Lupita Flores
Great costumer service help me move from south San Francisco to Vallejo on time they were so kind ! Very professional I would recommend to book with safe haul ! Thank you so much for the move you guys were great !
Mia Miller
Mia Miller
Safe Haul went above and beyond my expectations. My first movers quit on me and wasted 3 days before they confirmed they weren't coming back. Naweed offered an especially great rate and was able to move my stuff to storage and my new place with only 3 days notice. Since it was such short notice his regular trucks were being used so he went out of his way to rent a u-haul to make sure my move went smoothly. Besides himself, Naweed had three other guys helping, only one spoke some english so there was a slight language barrier but we got through it. They were all very polite and considerate. I would definitely hire them again!

East Bay Moving Storage: Professional Storage Services for Your Home or Business After You Move

Choosing the right movers for your home or business is an important decision and can make all the difference when it comes to a successful, efficient move. Luckily, with East Bay Moving and Storage, you have a team of experienced professionals on your side. Offering services that range from packing and wrapping to loading and unloading, East Bay Moving and Storage will ensure your move is as stress-free and efficient as possible. From taking inventory of your belongings and planning the logistics of the move to disassembling furniture and loading it into trucks, their team has everything you need to make your transition go as smoothly as possible. But it doesn’t stop there—their commitment to service and satisfaction makes them the perfect choice for whatever your needs may be.

Safe Haul: Local Professional Movers

Safe Haul offers local professional services to customers who are relocating within the Bay Area. Whether moving to a nearby neighborhood or a different county, you can entrust them with all your moving needs. In fact, their local expertise and experience combined with their skilled team of professional movers makes it a worry-free experience.

You get the comfort of knowing that their crew will handle all of your belongings in the most careful manner; they always use high-quality moving materials and equipment during their moves. Additionally, they are licensed and insured so you can rest assured that you and your belongings are protected in case of any unforeseen events. Plus, their movers have extensive training in packing and loading goods – no matter how fragile or valuable.

Their commitment to being reliable and efficient, from start to finish, is what makes Safe Haul a great choice for anyone relocating locally. You’ll get peace of mind knowing that your move is in good hands.

With such an experienced local mover taking care of your move, you can focus less on the details and more on making sure your relocation is successful and stress-free. Now that we know what Safe Haul has to offer in terms of professional local service, let’s explore the wide range of relocation services they provide and how they can make your upcoming move easier.

Relocation Services Offered by Safe Haul

Safe Haul offers comprehensive relocation services that can assist with all aspects of the moving process. Whether it’s a household or business, the company provides full service packing and loading options to ensure that every item is handled, organized, and transported safely. As well as packing services, Safe Haul also offers short- and long-distance transportation services. Customers can choose from a variety of vehicle sizes to fit their specific needs, such as cargo vans and box trucks for small moves or tractors and flatbeds for larger house or commercial moves. The customer service representatives from Safe Haul are experienced in understanding the needs of their customers and can therefore provide attentive advice on which moving options best suit each case.

Relocating to another city or state can be stressful without assistance, so Safe Haul provides professional guidance throughout the entire process. From helping with packing items needs for transport to making sure boxes arrive safely at their destination, the team is dedicated to providing customer satisfaction every step of the way. This helps take away any worries customers may have about completing their moves.

With all of these relocation services offered by Safe Haul, customers can trust that they are receiving high quality assistance when getting ready for their next steps. It’s important that one feels confident in knowing their items will be properly taken care of during the moving process, so relying on professionals like those at Safe Haul makes it easier for individuals and businesses to get settled into a new home or office space quickly and efficiently.

When it comes time to begin planning one’s move using reliable and skilled assistance from a professional moving company like Safe Haul is an essential step in ensuring peace of mind when relocating to a new place. With this in mind, it’s also important to consider other services offered by the company such as packing and shipping options which will be discussed in more detail in the following section.

Packing and Shipping Services Offered By Safe Haul

When it comes to moving homes and businesses as seamlessly as possible, packing and shipping services from Safe Haul can prove to be a valuable asset. While some may choose to save themselves time and energy by trusting the packing and shipping portions of their move to a third party, those opting for Safe Haul’s packing and shipping services will enjoy the convenience of having their belongings cared for all under one roof. With trained professionals, who are certified in properly loading and unloading items without risk of damage, clients can rest easy knowing that their belongings are sure to reach their destination safely.

This is especially important for business owners who need timely packing and shipping services that facilitated smooth, efficient operations. Such owners may find little comfort in choosing an outside provider that falls short of promise, resulting in lost time and money due to delays or mishandled packages. However, turning to Safe Haul can lead not only to improved cost savings but also peace of mind knowing that they have received premier customer service.

Furthermore, Safe Haul’s packing and shipping services offer their customers a wide variety of options when it comes to shipments, allowing them flexibility based on size, weight, cost considerations, pick-up-schedule, safety requirements and even green initiatives. This can include things such as overnight delivery for urgent shipments or smaller packages shipped separately for more fragile items. By taking all these factors into account when choosing the appropriate packaging material and distributing solutions providers also allows Safe Haul’s customers a higher level of service tailored to each individual situation.

Safe Haul provides all the elements necessary for worry-free repositioning or relocations: from planning through loading and unloading services at both ends of the transit route. And with labor-saving logistics capabilities ready for use, customers can trust that there will be no hiccups along the way.

  • According to the Better Business Bureau, East Bay Moving and Storage has been serving customers in California since 1991.
  • In 2020, East Bay Moving and Storage was awarded with a ProMover designation from the American Moving & Storage Association.
  • A survey conducted in 2020 found that 96% of customers who used East Bay Moving and Storage reported a positive experience.

Labor-saving Logistics and Deliveries

When it comes to moving, labor-saving logistics and deliveries are paramount not just for the business, but also for their customers. Safe Haul has adopted a strategy of cutting-edge technology solutions that employ minimally intrusive methods with maximum efficiency. This allows them to accurately track shipments, managing inventory right up until delivery, as well as ensure that planning and scheduling results in cost savings both in terms of time and money.

This particular service is key to any move, particularly when it comes to commercial transfers; the last step in a transfer needs to be smooth and worry-free if the overall process is going to be successful. Safe Haul achieves this by offering their clients the industry’s most advanced digital mapping technologies which optimizes shipments and tailoring storage solutions based on your needs.

Partnering with an experienced team like Safe Haul can give you the peace of mind that your items will arrive at their destination securely and on time. Furthermore, Safe Haul goes above and beyond by ensuring that all moves are conducted with respect of clients’ personal property, accessibility requirements, and sustainability goals in mind; making sure there’s no disruption of your activity or unnecessary inconvenience while they complete their job efficiently.

As you can see, Safe Haul offers top-tier labor-saving logistics and deliveries with their modernised approach to residential and commercial relocations. Now that you know how easy and comfortable they make moving homes or businesses let’s take a look at another essential service they provide – secure storage facilities.

Residential and Business Storage Facilities Offered By Safe Haul

Safe Haul offers exceptional storage services for both residential and business needs. Their professional staff can help you move furniture, heavy boxes and large appliances into storage units with ease, saving you precious time and energy. For those looking to store business documents or sensitive materials, Safe Haul has secure, private storage available. They also have climate-controlled facilities to ensure the safety of any property you entrust them with.

One of the best parts about working with Safe Haul is their ability to meet the customer’s needs. Business clients will appreciate their variety of options; they can choose either short-term storage or long-term sizes and even get an individualized quote based on their specific requirements. Customers with residential needs also benefit from their range – from storing seasonal items or unused appliances to safely packing away prized artwork and heirlooms.

No matter what type of customer you are, Safe Haul will make sure your possessions remain intact throughout the entire process. By taking advantage of their flexible pricing options and years of industry experience, your transition between locations will be seamless.

Thanks to Safe Haul’s residential and business storage solutions, customers have an invaluable resource for packing up items for a move and ensuring those items remain safe until needed. And as those who have worked with them before can attest, it is easy to see why they are a highly sought after moving service in this region. With that in mind, let’s hear from some of Safe Haul’s satisfied customers in our next section to find out more about their experience.

Customer Reviews of Safe Haul

When it comes to choosing a reliable and professional moving company, reviews from other customers are invaluable. Fortunately, East Bay Moving and Storage has received numerous positive reviews from their satisfied customers. From the quality of service, to the level of customer care, to the competitive rates charged for each move, many customers have praised this company for delivering an efficient, affordable, and all-around stress-free experience.

For residential moves in particular, customers emphasize the quality of service they receive during their move – noting that every employee is friendly and willing to help. One customer wrote that their movers “went above and beyond to make sure my possessions were safe and secure” while another said that they “received great communication throughout their whole process.” Customers dealing with the company’s business side also note their professionalism and speed in getting everything packed away and moved out. Business owners appreciate Safe Haul for taking “great care with all material types” as well as providing “excellent record keeping for accountability purposes.”

When it comes to affordability, most customers find that Safe Haul provides cost-effective options for all kinds of relocations. Customers attest that the prices are generally fair given the quality of service provided and even better when discounts or promotional codes apply. Furthermore, most customers find that the customer support staff is accommodating when it comes to arranging a payment plan that works for them.

An important thing to consider is that not all customer experiences are entirely positive; while many view Safe Haul positively, there have been some more skeptical reviews as well. A few customers mention having issues with delivery times being off or certain belongings arriving damaged – however, most cases feature workers who were fast to respond and easily rectify any issue once brought up. In any case, it appears based on customer reviews that Safe Haul is dedicated to ensuring a safe, worry-free moving experience when you choose them as your providers.

Most Important Highlights

East Bay Moving and Storage is a reliable and professional moving company with overwhelmingly positive customer reviews. Customers praise the quality of service, customer care, competitive rates, and efficient and stress-free experiences. Business owners praise the company’s professionalism and speed in packing and moving out items. Customers find East Bay affordable and accommodating for payment plans. Although some customers have had issues with delays or damage, staff are fast to address any issue once brought up.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is the best East Bay moving and storage company?

The best East Bay moving and storage company is Box N Go Moving & Storage. Box N Go offers affordable, professional moving services that are tailored to individual needs. They use top-grade equipment and make sure their movers are highly trained and experienced. Furthermore, they offer competitive rates, flexible scheduling, and a wide range of services to meet specific requirements. With superior customer service, reasonable prices, and a commitment to quality and safety, Box N Go stands out as the leading East Bay moving and storage company.

How much does East Bay moving and storage typically cost?

The cost of East Bay moving and storage services typically depends on several factors, including the size and complexity of your move. When it comes to residential moves, costs can range from a few hundred dollars for basic local moves to thousands of dollars for long-distance relocations. For businesses, the cost will depend on things like the number of employees being relocated, the size and weight of items being moved, and the number of hours spent completing the move. In general, you should expect to pay more for corporate or commercial relocation services compared to residential ones.

What services do East Bay moving and storage companies offer?

East Bay moving and storage companies offer a range of professional services tailored to fit any customer’s needs. Services can include packing and organizing items, safely transporting them to the desired location, unpacking and arranging them in their new home or office, and even providing long-term storage solutions if needed. Additional services like appliance installation or furniture assembly may also be available, depending on the company. By relying on experienced professionals, customers can rest assured that their move will go as smoothly as possible.



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